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Your Premier Medical Supplier

Rayomed, Inc. was founded twenty years ago as a Miami-based independent, full line distributor of medical, surgical, and laboratory supplies and equipment. Our company specializes in serving the medical community of the Caribbean and South Florida. Rayomed's management team, with forty-one years experience in health care sales, is committed to providing unsurpassed product quality and service to our diverse customer base.

Our company serves two distinct markets from two divisions, South Florida and the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean, Rayomed has combined the purchasing power of many islands that other manufacturers and vendors overlook because the individual markets are too small to service or because the competition is not familiar with the customs of doing business in the region. Rayomed has recognized these opportunities and has formed very solid alliances with the laboratory and medical professionals in these areas. 

In the second market, South Florida, Rayomed is a small, nimble, business which allows us to react quickly to the specialized needs of the educational research facility, the hospital or ambulatory surgical center needing our services. Rayomed can turn on a dime and deliver quality products from leading manufacturers stocked at very competitive contract pricing.

As a customer, you will experience what it is like to have your order dispatched rapidly. Your facility will be visited, in person, throughout the year by our professional staff who will help your organization thrive by keeping it informed and well supplied.

Regardless of your location, join us and experience the quality you have been seeking. Please feel free to fax or e-mail us your list of product needs.

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